About Alejandro

Ale photoHola! My name is Alejandro Silva and I strive to exceed expectations.

South AL Jags LogoI am a two-time alumnus of the University of South Alabama. The areas of study for my bachelor degree included Marketing Management and Psychology, while my master degree was in Public Administration with a concentration in Public Health Administration.

My diverse career has allowed me to work on UX design, marketing analyses, overseeing business operations, industry research, digital strategy creation & implementation, social media management, video production, brand development, SMS engagement, project management, training staff, overseeing onboarding processes, website development, graphic design, photography, technology support, remote client support, and many other duties.


(A Few Of) My Interests

In order to complement my current skills, I am often exploring new interests and technologies. My overall goal is to ensure that I always have a list of interests that drive my professional development.


My goal on every design project is to make simple digital products people can intuitively understand and use. To be effective, I strive to anticipate the behaviors, needs, and goals of as many users as possible without adding unnecessary complexity. Ideally when a design is completed, the people who interact with it should be left with no questions on its purpose or use. The field of design is incredibly broad and demands extreme attention to detail. For years now, I’ve continued to develop my design skills by attending training sessions for softwares made by Adobe, attending webinars, and registering for programs such as Google’s UX Design Professional Certificate.


Wearables & Medical Devices
One of my core interests is the implementation of wearable technology as it relates to healthcare and patient data collection as well as medical devices as they relate to positive patient outcomes. The new and increasingly popular sector of wearable technology allows for a vast amount of data collection which is sure to revolutionize the healthcare sector thanks to the detailed & real-time data being analyzed. On the other hand, medical devices are a well established sector and one in which technological advances are making a major difference. While it’s true that the wearable sector is still in its infancy, tech giants like Apple, Google, Microsoft, FitBit and others are investing heavily into it in the hopes that devices will improve patient care and quality of life. Increasingly, many companies are also shifting from considering themselves fitness companies to health companies; this shift is an important one to follow as technology advances and health outcomes become a larger topic in the field.


Conservation & Preservation
Seeking inclusivity and equality, I became involved with preservation nonprofits such as The Wilderness Society, Conservation Colorado, Americas for Conservation & the Arts, Americas Latino Eco Festival, Protegete, and others. Through our educational, advocacy, and sustainability efforts, we hope to begin a dialogue that addresses the unique environmental threats that various cultural groups face in their daily lives. Focusing on virtual mediums to expand our reach, I hope to inspire and educate those in our community who have yet to take action.






Plant-based, fitness, and vegan causes
My vegan journey began in 2014 after my sister exposed me to the new lifestyle she was pursuing. I followed in her footsteps shortly after some reflection, research, and planning. Since then, I’ve completed the Plant-based Nutrition Certificate Program offered online by Cornell University, helped launch and develop vegan brands, visited several animal sanctuaries, launched a vegan and fitness Instagram account, and advocated for animal rights in my ways. It’s not easy for everyone to make the transition to a vegan lifestyle, but every plant-based meal helps the environment and saves an animal life.